What should you know about private loans?

For the granting of credit, each credit supplier makes a commitment, not only visit its customers but also visit society. With the help of a serious demand check as well as detailed information on the desired credit and its risks, we ensure that you can also honor the credit. Responsible behavior when granting credit is totally in your favor.

Credits are used to overcome financial difficulties or to achieve personal goals

However, they should not lead to over-indebtedness. To guarantee the eligibility of your credit, information about your person, your financial situation, your income, and your employment will be collected. We order the legally prescribed check to know whether the main criteria for granting credit are met.

To assess your solvency, your overall financial situation will be estimated and an individual risk profile is drawn up. In this way, we can together calculate and plan your personal budget and determine if a loan is a right solution for you.

Personal advice

Personal advice

Personal advice is important to us. In an interview, your needs and possibilities will be themed and ambiguities removed. Responsible crediting also means that you are informed about the application process and the necessary clarifications. In this regard, we take the time for your questions and inform you in detail about the possible risks. With our call-back service, we guarantee that you will always get a response from your advisor within 24 hours and that we will not leave you alone in the event of further questions and uncertainties.

Complete documentation

With the contract, you will receive all the information relating to your credit application. You will find all the information on a sheet: the amount of the monthly payment, the depreciation, and interest shares as well as the management fees.

Additional security


During an outstanding loan, unforeseen events such as loss of employment, accident, illness or divorce can occur and lead to a change in financial situation. It is precisely there that we consider that individual advice is particularly important in order to find a fair solution.

The monthly payment guarantee in the event of death is included in all now financing solutions. If you have chosen now Classic, a complete and free security package protects you. Thus, for example, you have the possibility, during the term of the contract, of deferring the monthly payment twice, without additional costs. In addition, we advise you to cover the credit, against payment, against unemployment as well as incapacity for work and earning.


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