How can an existing loan be taken over?

In Switzerland, anyone who wishes and is able to do so can repay their debts and change lenders. In the context of a ” consumer credit recovery”, the loan taker can without any problem instruct another bank to take over the loans in progress. Often this reduces the financial cost of credit.

Change possible at any time

According to the Federal Law on Consumer Credit, the customer can at any time repay his credit in advance and change the lender. This ensures that the customer can accept a better offer from another bank.

Regulated procedure for taking over credits


To be able to take out a consumer loan, the customer communicates his desire for change to his new bank. The latter then contacts the old bank and the two banks settle everything between them. A new waiting period of 14 days starts as soon as the signed contract has been returned. At the end of this waiting period, the balance due is paid by your new bank to your old lender. You don’t have to do anything else.

Good reasons to change lenders

Good reasons to change lenders

There may be good reasons to change lenders. In most cases, lower interest and a lower monthly charge are decisive. However, you should also check whether several credits in progress or many credit card invoices could not be grouped together and so that you could not keep only one contact and only have to control one account movement.

Changing the duration of your credit

Changing the duration of your credit

Often the desire for a lower monthly payment can be met by extending the term of the loan. However, by extending the term of your loan, you also increase the total interest charges. Our monthly payment calculator lets you see it directly. Some credit takers, on the other hand, are interested in a credit of shorter duration when, for example, they receive money from an inheritance. Conversely, a credit of shorter duration goes hand in hand with higher monthly payments.

In all cases, it is recommended to regularly compare the existing offer with that of other providers, taking into account here not only the interest rate but also additional services, such as the credit-now security package. 

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